Organizational Profile

Yayasan Cipta Cara Padu (YCCP) was established in 2008 to sustain donor assisted programs implemented by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Center for Communication Programs in Indonesia in the past 15 years.

YCCP has expertise and hands-on experience in a wide spectrum of health and environmental issues including water, sanitation and hygiene, HIV & AIDS, safe motherhood, child survival, family planning (FP), reproductive health (RH), infectious disease, and environmental conservation.

Currently, the YCCP team is managing: the Advance Family Planning (AFP) initiative, funded by the Gates Institute; the Improving Contraceptive Method Mix (ICMM), funded by USAID and AUSAID; and the High Five program, funded by USAID.

Behavior change communication campaigns are implemented to increase awareness and build better knowledge and understanding about health practices.

Community mobilization activities aim to empower community members to organize themselves and identify issues/problems and initiate activities to resolve them.

Advocacy is conducted to influence and motivate policy makers to support improved health service initiatives, as evidenced by increased provision of program funding and a cohesive environment.

Social marketing, the application of marketing techniques for programs with social benefits as well as social research implementation and results analysis for social program planning

YCCP Vision

envisions improved Indonesian quality of life by increasing awareness, better knowledge, and understanding about health practices among community members and stakeholders and subsequently increasing demand for and access to high quality health services.

YCCP Mission

Creating healthy behavior through behavior change communication intervention to strengthen community knowledge, awareness and practices supported with evidence based advocacy to policy makers to induce enabling policy environment. These efforts are empowered by consistently watching the social development programs implemented by the government.

Environment and Partners

In addition to the existing AFP, ICMM, and High Five programs, the YCCP team had previously implemented successful USAID programs covering FP and RH (STARH program), Maternal and Neonatal Health (MNH program), Social marketing (Blue Circle, AmanTirta), Safe Water and Hygiene programs (AmanTirta, school based hygiene – UNICEF WASH, ESP, GLEEH), HIV & AIDS (HIV&AIDS Cooperation Program for Indonesia-HCPI), environmental conservation (COREMAP), etc.

In all of these programs, there have been extensive research and evaluation components that include qualitative and quantitative research approaches. These usually include baseline and end line surveys, program research for understanding attitudes and beliefs about different practices and behaviors, water quality testing for a safe water programs, and extensive and innovative qualitative work to understand sanitation and hygiene behaviors.

Learn about our Team and Structure

YCCP has obtained all legal documents to operate as a non-profit entity. Its organizational structure consists of the Board of Advisors, the Board of Management, and Program Teams.

The primary role of the Board of Advisors led by the Chairman of the Board is to provide strategic and long-term direction for the Foundation’s operations, appoint the Board of Management, and approve annual work plan. Its members are prominent individuals with expertise, experience, and competence relevant to YCCP’s core topic areas.

The Board of Management led by an Executive Director is responsible for the operational management of YCCP with the primary role of leading the development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of YCCP’s annual work plan. The Executive Director also represents YCCP during external and public events.

The Board of Management is supported with Program Teams and Administrative Support Units. The Program Teams are specifically assigned to manage the operational aspects of YCCP’s social development programs to achieve the goals stipulated in the programs’ contracts. The Administrative Support Units comprise of Finance and Accounting, HR and Personnel Administration, and General Assistance Supporting Staff.

YCCP’s Finance and Accounting practices are periodically audited by External Auditors upon request from the Board of Advisors and donor agencies. Our financial statements have been subjected to auditing procedures and are openly stated.